Process Improvement-Maintaining Motivation

You have implemented a new plan at work that is going to improve your customer’s experience, while also helping you to improve the product that you provide. Your team starts out strong, everyone motivated for the greater good, ready to fix anything. How do you maintain this high level of motivation as the process continues over time?

This is  a challenge I am currently experiencing. In an effort to improve our patient satisfaction scores, one of my teams implemented daily patient rounding, the focus of which is to get feedback from our patients on what they like or don’t like. The team “huddles” every morning to go over the previous days results, and then determine how we can implement all of the suggestions for improvement. I require my team members to document the interaction, and obtain a rating from the patient per a predetermined scale. Not everyone on the team has responsibility to talk with patients, but they are required to meet daily so they are well versed on what our patients want.

My team was initially reluctant to get on board, as this became another task that they had to complete every day. But as we progressed, everyone was engaged in finding solutions to problems that the patients identified. We celebrated those successes when a patient was extremely happy with our services, and we followed up when the feedback was less than complimentary. We track the rating scale so we can see week by week how we are doing. This process has been in place for three months, and we are seeing increased satisfaction across the board.teamwork

While everyone is excited about the improvements, I feel I need to implement a new “something” to get them reinvigorated. We have been tracking our progress within the department, so my new idea is to shout our progress to the masses! What better way to give my team a warm and fuzzy feeling than to be recognized by someone other than me on our success. I have created a newsletter that will be circulated monthly, it will highlight actual patient feedback and what steps we take to address issues. With this process we have gotten several hand written recognitions from patients about my team; I am going to highlight one team member each month who has proven to be an advocate for our improvement. They will get an award, as well as a personal recognition from my administrative team to acknowledge their contributions.

I am excited to begin this new activity, and to see what excitement and enthusiasm it will generate within my team. We continue to make great improvements, with this new change I am hopeful that the personal recognition also builds additional commitment to this process.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think in the comment section below!!

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