From The Customer’s Perspective


In my daily work life, I direct the processes and procedures that each of my teams perform. I understand the regulatory requirements for each task, and I am responsible for ensuring that the requirements are met every time. I inspect the work of my teams as their leader, and make adjustments as needed based on this leadership perspective. I recently had the opportunity to experience their work product from the eyes of the customer, and it gave me a new appreciation for not only the work my teams perform, but the work performed by several areas of the facility.

My son recently had a health issue that required a visit to the Emergency Department at the hospital I work for. The visit was late in the evening, so I was not a familiar face to most of the staff that we encountered, which gave me the opportunity to act as a secret shopper. We weretriage image triaged quickly, and were taken to a room within 30 minutes of arrival.  The physician came in; talked with my son about the issues he was having, and quickly decided to do lab work and an X-ray. The ER nurse came in, very friendly and personable with a great bedside manner, explaining to us that she was going to draw his blood. Shortly after that the Radiology technician came to take him for his X-ray. We were back in the Emergency Department within a short amount of time, and were told we just needed to wait for the results of all of the tests.

Traveling between the various departments, I was able to survey our surroundings. The room we were in was extremely clean; I checked the vital signs monitor for dust, inspected the floor and walls for signs of dust or debris, I even checked out the bottom of the gurney to see if it was being cleaned to our standards. When we went to Radiology, I checked the hallways and common areas, and found everything to be exactly as it should be.

I am happy to say that all results came back and there was no earth shattering news. We were given our home care instructions, and were quickly discharged. This entire experience took us less than three hours, but I was able to get an entirely new perspective on what our customer’s experience. Everyone we encountered; the registration clerks, Radiology technician, ER physician and nurse were caring, compassionate and friendly. All of the areas we visited were fresh and clean, which enhanced our experience. And from a different viewpoint, I was able to see how diligent and committed my staff is to our customers. I have a newfound respect for my teams and the work they do behind the scenes to create an inviting environment for patients and visitors alike. I am proud to be a part of their team!

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