Get Involved-Partners in Education

My company participates through the Education Alliance of Washoe County in the Partners in Education program.  We get to partner with Dilworth Middle school in Sparks. About three years ago, I was asked to participate as our company’s liaison in this relationship. This has become one of the perks of my employment, in that we get to support and celebrate the students in their education journey.Dilworth

Our program supports the Dilworth students in a variety of ways. The Stem Academy focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Volunteers from our facility participate in student Stem Academy presentations, providing valuable feedback that enhances student content and suggested presentation tips. We invite students to tour our hospital, visiting various departments to give students a front row seat to healthcare careers. Tours include the Emergency Department, Diagnostic Radiology, Laboratory, and the Operating Room. It is a great way to introduce students to the possibilities of pursuing a career in Healthcare. We support Dilworth’s reading program, a friendly quarterly competition that rewards students for reaching their goals in the books they read for fun. We go on site and provide pancake breakfasts or brownie sundae celebrations. These events are the most entertaining, in that we get to celebrate those students who reach their goals, and the special attention helps to motivate other students to actively participate. The school was participating in a shoe drive competition with all Washoe County schools, and we were able to support them by providing donated shoes to help meet their goal. The best part of this partnership is getting to meet and interact with the Dilworth students and teachers. The students are such are an eclectic group, with great personalities and perspectives. The teachers inspire awe with their commitment and dedication to the students and their success.

This is such a wonderful experience, and I would like to encourage other companies within Washoe County to participate in this truly rewarding program. The potential to positively impact a student’s experience and to perhaps give them a new perspective for their future is truly priceless.

If you are interested in getting more information about this truly rewarding program, leave a comment and I will be happy to get you involved.

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