What’s Your Philosophy?

Don’t you love those moments when you read something that makes you reflect who you are and what you want to be?  As a new blogger passionate about leadership, I try to read at least one new leadership book per month, and in between read articles and blog posts sharing information about the same topic. Yesterday I ran across a post “Creating a Leadership Philosophy”, on the site “FactorInTalent.com” that at first read was interesting, but wasn’t immediately thought-provoking. Yet I found myself thinking about the post today, and how I can use it to see if my actions align with what my philosophy is.

The blog was discussing alignment of our leadership styles and behaviors with our actions. The way we behave at work, the commitment we have to our organizations, and how we interact and mentor our co-workers and peers are all part of our leadership philosophy. Our personal morals and values help drive this philosophy, and how we perform at work are a direct extension of these values. The blog goes on to list 6 questions that should be answered to help the reader identify if their perceived and intended philosophy’s match. Once the questions are answered, the reader is directed to review the list several times over the next few weeks, and see if the list rings true to how you see yourself.

I went through and answered the six questions, printed them up on a nice bright pink paper, and have the intention of reviewing it several times over the next two weeks. There is no new concept or world breaking questions here; just simple things that help me see what I identify as my professional core values, and then reflect on my behaviors and whether or not they align with my philosophy. As of now, I believe that a lot of my values are in order, but I will be excited to see how it all plays out when I revisit this post and follow-up on my results in a couple of weeks.leadership

Feel free to follow the link in my post if you are interested in validating your own philosophy. I would love to hear what you experience.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Philosophy?

  1. So glad you found value in my blog post and it’s driven you to take action. Over my career, I’ve often found that what seem to be very simple concepts often have the most profound impact. Looking forward to following your journal. Please email me your results.


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