Well Liked and Respected Leaders

As a leader, how often do you reflect on the daily interactions you have with your staff, and wonder if you are making a difference in their lives? I find myself doing this a lot lately, as the targets my teams and I have to meet continue to be a struggle. Since our goal is to improve the patient’s experience, I consistently message that the reason we are all in healthcare is to positively impact our patients. There are a few people on my teams that are not completely “on the bus”, and I find myself being challenged to find a new way to motivate and change their focus. I recently read an interesting blog that speaks to well-liked and respected leaders, and what they consistently do to help their teams succeed.

Kate Nasser is the author of “Respected Well-Liked Leaders: 18 Things They Consistently Do!” Well-liked and respected leaders put their people first. They get to know each individual on their team, both personally as well as professionally. They provide praise and recognition for the efforts of their teams, understanding that everyone needs positive reinforcement.  Interactions with their team include empathy and grace. Respected and well like leaders put themselves on the line, ensuring that the team knows they are supported and that issues are addressed immediately. True leaders communicate well, inspire greatness, they require everyone to change and grow while staying true to themselves. And my favorite, they support the “we” of the team.

While these behaviors might seem obvious for any leader, I applied the list to my boss, as well as on my own leadership. I am lucky that I have a boss that demonstrates the majority of the behaviors listed, and I have someone who is invested in my growth and development. When I apply the list to my own performance, I find that I am successful with more than half of the identified strengths. But the best message I got from this information is that I always have room to improve. I truly value my teams and the efforts they put forth every day, and I can improve how frequently I praise and publicly appreciate them. I also have the obligation to find a solution that gets everyone on my teams motivated to change so that we can successfully achieve the results we want. I love it when I find information that inspires me to be a better leader!

Click the link above to read Kate’s blog, and I would enjoy hearing what you think.images7OM9V4HZ

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