How Does Your Leadership Garden Bloom?

While the Truckee Meadows is in desperate need of moisture in any form, I really love springtime in Reno! I had the opportunity to spend time outside, admiring how green the city is becoming with the blooming trees and spring flowers. It is amazing how inspiring it can be to see your yard move from dormancy to full and vibrant color. It so happened that I found a leadership article today that married the birth of spring to good leadership, and I thought it was so perfect to my day that I would share it with you.spring bloom

In “How to make Leadership Bloom”, by Jon Mertz, he compares what you need to do to make a garden grow to what leaders need to do to create a thriving environment. The culture of the organization is compared to the soil; without a good base, nothing can thrive. You have to remove the weeds so plants can grow; similarly you have to create clear paths for your employees so they can grow. Consistent watering helps the plants to flourish; creating an atmosphere that can nurture and challenge employees to allow them to become the best they can be.

This is true both for leaders and the members in their team. If I apply this to my own boss, I can say for certain that she has cultivated my success through her encouragement and trust in my abilities. When I face challenges within my own job, she supports and guides me while I work through them. And she celebrates with me when we succeed. When I apply this to my own teams, I see that I am supporting them in much the same way. I am providing the best environment I can so they can excel at their jobs. I give them the autonomy to perform at their own pace, but am always available if they need additional guidance. And I include them in the decision-making process so they have a say in what directly affects their jobs. And with all of this, I learn from my teams how I can be a better leader, mentor and friend.

Such a simple analogy, yet it paints a picture of the environment I hope I am helping to create for my teams.

How do you encourage “blooming”?

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2 thoughts on “How Does Your Leadership Garden Bloom?

  1. Thank you, Kathy, for continuing the conversation. Your experience and story enlivens the importance of being a leader that tends to their teams, themselves, and blooms more in the work and lives of others. Thank you! Jon


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