Are You Drifting?


Ever lose the enthusiasm and drive in your career?  Ever lost that feeling of satisfaction from doing a good days work? This happens to everyone once in a while, but for some it can become a long-term pattern. Being able to identify why you are in a slump can be tricky and even more difficult is finding a solution that changes your mind and your purpose.drift

I read a great blog post this weekend by Jessie Lyn Stoner entitled “Four Ways Leadership Drift Can Catch You Unaware”. The author discusses different ways that leadership drift manifests itself, often without the leader even realizing it. Life events that affect one’s ability to move upward within their career. A slow decline in one’s moral ethics by overlooking bad business practices. Others can drift because leading is not as fun or challenging as it used to be. There are a multitude of reasons that drift may occur, but the key is to identify why you may be drifting, and then determine what will get you back on track.

After reading this blog, I reflected on my own leadership position, and am happy to report that I am focused and satisfied with the route I am on. While I have experienced drift in the last few years, I was able to identify the root cause and change my path. I had been procrastinating on obtaining my MBA, using the excuses of family and work, as well as a fear of returning to school, as the reason for not taking action. I finally realized that the dreams I have for my future career are not attainable without this degree. Last fall I was accepted into the MBA program at the University of Nevada, Reno, and it has renewed in me an enthusiasm and eagerness that I had been lacking.

Everyone should get joy from their work; it should spark your creative abilities, result in a genuine concern and empathy towards others, and satisfy your innermost feelings of value and worth. As in any venture, the emotional and psychological effort and commitment you put into your career will generate the best return. You owe it to yourself to find your purpose, and pursue it with a vengeance!

I would love to get your feedback, let me know if you have experienced drift, and how you fixed it.

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