Getting to Know Kathy Codman


I am the Director of Support Services for Northern Nevada Medical Center. I am blessed to work with the most dedicated individuals, all focused on providing the best customer service experience for all patients who bless NNMC with their care. I learn something new on a daily basis, and I strive to use these lessons to improve my skills as a leader, employee, and mentor.

Leading 33 employees from diverse backgrounds and cultures has been a learning experience all by itself.  Discovering what motivates each person is a challenge, and depending on life events that occur outside of work, motivations sometimes change.  My biggest opportunity to be the kind of leader I truly want to be is to stay connected and current with each and every person.  I recently started daily huddles with my Dietary and Environmental Services staff; we meet for five minutes every day to discuss department opportunities.  Just a few minutes a day have allowed me to be more involved and connected to my staff and what they need.  Not only has this been a positive change for each department, it has given me more exposure to the vast experience and creativity that my staff bring to work each and every day.

I went to a conference last summer, and one of the presentations discussed next level leadership.  The speaker had the audience do an exercise where we thought back through our professional experience, and identified those leaders who had a positive and lasting impact on us and why.  We then had to compare those leaders to current leaders, and then compare current leaders to ourselves. The exercise was designed for a different conclusion, but for me it was so impactful!  The best bosses I ever had both challenged and encouraged me to improve my skills, get out of my comfort zone, and pursue my goals. I had two mentors that I remember fondly; each had very different styles of leadership.  One was a very personable, outgoing, soft spoken man who had a wealth of knowledge and experience, almost always had all the answers, but allowed me to find my own solutions to issues and opportunities.  The other mentor was also a soft spoken lady, but with a highly direct and strong personality, as well as high expectations for her direct reports. She challenged me to think more critically, to look at all aspects of my work and responsibilities to ensure my solutions worked not only for me, but for everyone impacted.  I realized during that one presentation that my whole goal as a leader is to provide education, challenges, encouragement, and recognition to all of my employees, to help them be the best that they can be.  It would be a true honor for anyone of my staff to look back at their professional experience and think of me as one who made a positive and lasting impact.

I learn new leadership skills on a daily basis; every interaction I have gives me an opportunity to improve.  I want to share my experiences, in hopes that even one person finds a new way to interact, observe or improve the lives of those they get to work with.




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